• Approach

    CENTNA develops perspectives and skills that help individuals navigate the omnipresent efforts to influence our beliefs and decisions.

  • Our Curriculum

    In our 6 – 12 education, we explore the impact of media on identity, culture, and society.

  • How It Works

    Content on this site is provided to anyone who is interested in teaching these topics or just learning for themselves. …

  • Content & Connection

    Our blog goes deep into our perspectives, and our online community lets you join the conversation. 

Welcome to CENTNA

The mission of the CENTNA Foundation and the educational work of the Center for Narrative Awareness is to spur the evolution of a next generation media environment that cultivates a less divisive, safer, fairer and healthier society. 

We believe that media consumers must have critical thinking abilities to defend against the development of unconscious bias & prejudice through the media they consume. And we believe in developing creativity rooted in critical thinking to bring more points of view into media production. 

We seek to cultivate self-worth and self-confidence in individuals to reduce their need to generate status or esteem  through insecurity-driven consumption.

And we work with those who fund media production – including advertisers – to cultivate their consideration of the long-term issues that may result from media strategies that support only short term profit-oriented goals.