• Approach

    CENTNA develops perspectives and skills that help individuals navigate the omnipresent efforts to influence our beliefs and decisions.

  • Our Curriculum

    In our 6 – 12 education, we explore the impact of media on identity, culture, and society.

  • How It Works

    Content on this site is provided to anyone who is interested in teaching these topics or just learning for themselves. …

  • Our Community

    We share this content to contribute in some part to the development of a less divisive, safer, fairer and healthier …

Welcome to CENTNA

The Center for Narrative Awareness is a community that explores how individuals’ values around identity, culture and civics are shaped through media and cultural narratives.  

Please join if you’d like to collectively develop a clearer awareness of the world’s workings from the intersection of social and cultural influences, content production and content consumption. Center for Narrative Awareness.